Episode 13: Listener Questions

When do the first acceptances go out? Sylvia Robertson tackles a listener question.

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Episode 13 Transcript

Ben Ferguson: Hey, everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Pritzker Podcast. We are trying something a little bit different today. We’ve gotten a question from a listener and we’re going to try to answer it just in a very focused single question episode and do these in a rapid-fire sort of thing. And maybe if we get more questions that are easily answered, we’ll answer them more quickly and in a shorter fashion and get the podcasts out in a faster way, I guess. So, I asked this question of Sylvia Robertson who is one of the Deans of Admissions at the Pritzker School of Medicine and she chatted with me for a bit this afternoon.


BF: So, Sylvia, the question was I was wondering if you knew if Joni and or David and or any other staff members first released immediate acceptances on the 15th, 16th, or some other date? And by immediate acceptances, he means just the first ones that go out. And he says, “Needless to say, the anticipation is killing me. October 15th or 16th are the days that a lot of schools start to throw around official acceptances,” which I understand is the first day that medical schools can start giving out acceptances, so he is right about that. And he says, “If I were to hear good news from Pritzker on the 15th or 16th, I very well could be essentially done with the application process already,” which he obviously notes is really an appetizing thought to say the least. So Sylvia, what’s the story on this? When do you guys start giving out acceptances?

Sylvia Robertson: Well Ben, I want you and all of our applicants to know that we are as eager to offer acceptances as the students are to receive them. And today, we were thrilled to be able to contact the first group of students who have been accepted here. Our process of Admissions Committee meetings is on their way now. That has to begin after we’ve interviewed for a number of weeks but it’s underway now. It’s going smoothly. So following the traffic rules, we were able to make the first set of offers today. As always, we make our acceptance offers through phone calls–that’s why it’s so important for applicants to keep us updated with their current contact information. And we know, though, that there are students who are going to receive acceptances from us but, because of the timing of the process, were not able to receive offers today.

So we want to encourage them to be patient, to continue to send us updates about their application, to know that David and Joni and I are available to answer any specific concerns they have in terms of the timing of their decision, and to know that our committee is dedicated to getting them the offer as soon as possible. Right now, we expect after an interview, it would take about six weeks for a candidate to hear. The holidays as they became an issue and the committee has to stop meeting for a period of time, and November and December slows that down a bit. But right now, we’re on track for about six weeks.

BF: OK. And you know, you said you guys gave out sort of a wave or a handful of acceptances today. Do they typically come in waves like that? Or is it more of a random thing: Whenever you guys get the urge, you just sort of accept individuals whenever they come up?

SR: No, they come in groups because that’s the way our committee process operates. And we were just thrilled to be able to make that first set of phone calls today.

BF: Great. Well, I’m sure it made some peoples’ day to say the least.

SR: Yeah. And I want to encourage applicants to not spend a lot of anxiety or time waiting by the phone or watching their mailbox. They’ve invested a great deal of time and energy in this application process and right now their tasks needs to be in finding the patience to know that they’ve done the best application that they can and to not use energy being anxious.

BF: That’s a good point. Certainly, the hard part is over in terms of spending money on interviews and going into interviews and stressing about interviews. And certainly, the waiting game is an anxious time but it is also fun to see where you’ll end up.

SR: Exactly. And we’re eager to participate in their thinking about the choice that they’ll make. And they need to see us as their partners in this exciting process ahead.

BF: Sure. So just one follow-up question, I guess: When people start to get accepted, do they get information from you guys about revisits and so forth? I know that’s sort of later in the game but how do they’d go about finding that information?

SR: Right. We send a notice along with the official acceptance letter about our revisit dates.

BF: OK. Sounds great. Thanks, Sylvia.

SR: You take care.

BF: Take care.

SR: Bye bye.

BF: So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this episode and hope that answered some of your questions. We imagine that more than one person had that question, so we thought it would be useful to put it in a podcast format. If you have questions in the future or if you have a question about this episode in particular, feel free to email us at pritzkerquestions@gmail.com or you can send me a private message on studentdoctor.net. My username is nosugrefneb. Or you can comment on our iTunes page or comment on our blog at pritzkerpodcast.libsyn.com

Thanks a lot for listening and hopefully we’ll have another episode coming to you shortly.