Episode 18: To Be Continued

Joni Krapec joins us to discuss what the “continued” status means and what you can expect if you’ve been continued at Pritzker.

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Episode 18 Transcript

Ben Ferguson: Hey everybody! Welcome to another episode of the Pritzker Podcast. I am Ben and I’m joined by Joni Krapec once again. Hey Joni.

Joni Krapec: Hey Ben.

BF: How’s it going?

JK: Good. How are you?

BF: Good. We are doing these rapid fire episodes and we’ve got another question from a listener that was submitted to me by again a listener via studentdoctor.net via private message. And it goes like this: He just noticed today that he got a continuation notice in the mail from Pritzker and he’s wondering if this means that he won’t hear from Pritzker again until April or May in terms of a decision on his application? Or could he hear potentially good or bad news at any time between now and then?

JK: Okay. That’s a great question. So for those of you that may be prospective applicants, the continued category basically means that a person has applied to Pritzker, been invited to interview, had the Committee on Admissions deliberate their application and the response that came back was to be continued in our process.

BF: Well, and I should say if I could stop you, if you have more questions about that, we talked about this in depth on an older episode. So if you want to go back in the archives and listen to the whole sort of waitlisted, continued, or accepted status, go back and listen to that because that’s chock-full of information on that.

JK: Oh, absolutely. So what we do with the continued candidate is each time the committee meets, we continue to look at those candidates. That’s kind of how we came up with that word. And so, it could mean that you will hear a decision anytime between now and May regarding your acceptance. Typically at this time of year, once we continue an applicant, we’re still very active in our process. So it doesn’t mean that you’re just kind of going to get rejected in a couple of months. We’re still very much involved with our process and so we’re continuing to look at those candidates every time the committee meets. And the committee may pick up a couple of students who had previously been continued or kind of move them into an admitted category really at any time. Based on my experience with the committee and kind of the way things have gone in the last couple of years, that tends to happen most frequently once we get into the March time frame and a little bit later because by then all of our interviews are done so we have a better sense of what our overall applicant’s pool looks like in terms of the students that we’ve interviewed. So that’s when most movements occurs. But you can be picked up at any time from the continued category.

BF: And do you continue to take new materials for an application such as, you know, new letters of recommendation or letters of interest from the applicants themselves? Is there something that they can do to help themselves at that point?

JK: Yeah. Absolutely. I always encourage people to be in touch. To send us an email and see if there’s a specific question that you could answer. Sometimes a student is continued because the committee isn’t sure about an aspect of their application. And so if the applicant is in touch with us, we can let them know what that is and then they could write specifically about that in response to that question. Sometimes the student is just continued because we can’t take everybody the exact moment we want to. We need to pace out our acceptances. And if that’s the case then we just encourage you to send update letters. If Pritzker is a top choice for you, you can certainly feel free to tell us that and to tell us why you think you’re a good fit for Pritzker. And we will enter that information into your file so that as the committee continues to review, they see that information.

BF: Sure, sure. So I guess the continued status isn’t an acceptance so it tends to make people freak out a little bit and think they’re waitlisted. But I would say continued is definitely much better than being waitlisted in this case.

JK: Absolutely. And just to make things abundantly clear, we don’t have a waitlist at all until late May or early June.

BF: So essentially everybody is continued at this point if they have not been rejected yet?

JK: Exactly or accepted.

BF: Or accepted. Right. Okay. Got it. Well, that clears things up. Thanks very much Joni.

JK: Oh, you’re welcome, Ben.


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