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An update on some exciting things going on with the podcast.
1. Podcast statistics
2. Successful migration to new site
3. Social networking
4. Podcast survey available at
5. Upcoming poster presentation


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State of the Podcast Transcript

Ben Ferguson: Hey, everyone. This is Ben with the Pritzker Podcast. Today we’re giving you a sort of a short update episode because we’ve had some exciting things going on with the back end of the show. So we figured we’d tell you about those things and give you sort of a brief “State of the Podcast” update, I guess.

First, we’re thrilled to tell you that a few weeks ago, we passed the 20,000 unique downloads mark. Actually, as it stands today, as I record this, we’re at 20,778. And given that we’ve got 22 episodes under our belt, that’s almost a thousand downloads per episode. So we think that’s phenomenal. I think part of the exciting news is that the podcast has been growing steadily over the past several months, as well. In fact, the last two months, July and now August, have had the highest download totals of any months over our two-year history. So, we’re pretty excited about that and we’re pretty happy about the direction that this podcast is going in. So, I guess to summarize, we hope that this is an informative resource for you guys about getting into medical school and about telling you what Pritzker is all about. And that’s definitely one of the major goals for the show. So it seems like our download statistics sort of validate that, but hopefully that’s been your actual experience as well.

Second, we have recently successfully completed a migration from Libsyn, which is our previous host, our old host which is a dedicated podcasting host, over to WordPress. So, as a result, we have a new website which is In the past, you’ve been able to access, which is sort of a mouthful, so we prefer this new URL that’s associated with our site. So please, if you have bookmarks to the old site, or you have it saved somewhere else, please change that over to It’s a lot easier to remember as well.

The new site, in relation to the old one, is a bit more spiffed up. We think it’s going to have the most up-to-date information about the podcast. The other thing to know is that if you listen to the show via a feed reader or iTunes or another podcatcher that uses an RSS feed, our RSS feed will be changing as well to So, just be sure–I’m not sure if iTunes is going to handle that automatically or whether you’ll have to go into your settings and change it automatically. But just be aware that our new feed is For your convenience, we’ll post any new episodes that we come out with to both feeds–as far as I know, that’s possible. We’ll do this for a few weeks until everyone has a chance to change all their settings over. And we’ll keep reminding you in the future as well. But please do change the website in your bookmarks and the feed in your iTunes or any other podcatcher. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the show as conveniently as you have been in the past.

So, more about this new site: We think it’s a little bit more user friendly. I think when I said it was spiffed up, I definitely wasn’t kidding. It’s a lot more attractive in our opinion. There are also links to our Twitter page and our Facebook page and our FriendFeed page. And there’s also the ability to send episodes to friends via social networking links that we’ve installed at the bottom of every single post. There’s also a better commenting than we had on Libsyn, so we are able to have better discussions about episodes and so forth. So if you have questions or suggestions about certain episodes, you can comment directly on the episode’s blog post page. There’s also the ability to filter episodes by topic or by episode post date, which we find has been helpful for people or could be helpful for people since we try to put out episodes according to the phase that we’re in the application season. There’s also–some of you might have noticed this on the old site–but there’s also a new feature that we’re putting in. I’m not going to mention it explicitly yet but eventually, we will have integrated it into every post, and I think that will make the post a lot more usable and searchable as well. And then finally, there is a new mobile site interface that we’ve installed, so our site is a lot more mobile-friendly than it used to be. It doesn’t look like crap anymore. In fact, I think it looks quite nice. And so, if you’re accessing our podcast or our website on your iPhone or your iPod Touch, or I believe this works on Android phones and Blackberries, as well. The site should look quite nice and much easier to use.

Third, and we’re really excited about this as well. We’re making a survey available to all of you listeners. In fact, that’s available today, Monday, August 31st. And the survey is basically just a way for us to learn more about you, learn about your listening habits, learn about how you’re finding the show, how you’re accessing the show, and basically what you think about it. And so, we’re really excited about this. If you want to access the survey, it should take about three minutes to complete, maybe even less. And you can find it at (I know sometimes these link shortening systems are a little bit of a mouthful.) So again, it’s available today, Monday, August 31. And it’ll be up for a few weeks until probably mid-September or so. We also really want to plead with you to take it seriously. Don’t just fill that out to mess around with the data because we’re actually looking for some real solid data to report back to the medical school and let them know how things are going as well because they obviously have some interest in this too. But just as a reminder, I’ll put the links for–actually, every link I’ve mentioned in this show is so far and will mention–in the show notes on our blog page,

Fourth, I mentioned this briefly a few minutes ago but we are expanding our social networking resources. We’re, as we mentioned on the previous episode, we are on Twitter at We’ve actually just recently gotten on to Facebook and FriendFeed. Our Facebook page can be accessed at (UPDATE: Our new Facebook URL is!) And our FriendFeed address is So, feel free to become a fan of our page. Friend us on FriendFeed, follow us on Twitter. We’re pretty active on Twitter in terms of posting updates about the show, posting links that are of interest of premeds and new medical students, and basically just life as being a medical student. So, please if you’re on any of those sites and feel like hooking up with us, please feel free to do so. Of course, you can always email us. Again, our email address is But I think at this point, email is so July 2009. It’s ancient.

Fifth, are we at five? I think we’re on five. Fifth and finally, we are excited to tell you all that we have been working on putting together a poster, an academic poster, about our show just to share with people the ways in which we’ve been using the Pritzker Podcast as a medical admissions resource. And we’re happy to announce that we actually were accepted to present our poster at the Society for General Internal Medicine meeting coming up in Chicago in mid-September. So, this definitely validates somewhat this podcast as a useful tool for providing you hopefully with all the information about our school and also as something that’s sort of novel. We’ve mentioned this before on the show. But as far as we know, this is the only medical school podcast out there–certainly the only medical school admissions podcast–and as far as we know, the only podcast that is specific to one medical school. So, I guess I’m trying to say we’re sort of charting new territory here, and this is why we find it so important that we get some guidance and feedback from our listeners–that’s you–because there’s definitely no blueprint for doing this yet and so it’s definitely important to get feedback from you. And also, once the presentation is done, perhaps we’ll post a link or an image to the poster on our website.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Just as a reminder, our new podcast site is up now at So, please take a look. It’s going to be much different than the old site. And also is up to date with every single episode we’ve put out. That new feature that I sort of tease you about is going in slowly but surely. And also, just as a reminder, our new podcast feed is at So, thanks again everybody. Here’s to a great school year. Take care.

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